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At King’s International College we strive to be an educational institution that is relevant to today’s environment. We have many distinguishing features that attract students from around the world, such as the diversity of our training programs, the flexibility of study options, and the supportive and caring environment provided to all students to nurture and cater for their individual learning styles.

For all of us, learning is a life-long experience, but returning to education and training after years of being away from school and a formal training environment may be a bit daunting for you, and may take courage in being willing to take on a new challenge.

For others, you may have to leave your homeland and families to live for a time in an adopted country as you seek to gain further skills that will help you on your journey. This will mean living in a different culture, experiencing different customs, and in many instances, a second language.

Recognising and understanding the importance and value of choosing the College that is right for you will have a significant bearing on your professional and personal development. Your background, your culture and your ambitions for the future shape much of your character, and so it is for King’s International College. Whatever your reasons for deciding to choose King’s as your place of study, you can be assured that our aim is to provide you with the highest quality learning environment, where you will be stimulated and supported in order to achieve your full potential.


Here at the College we will advise you on the programs that best suit your future goals. Our flexible and customised training programs not only expand your educational horizons, they are also tailored to meet the demands of today’s ever changing work environment. This ensures that King’s graduates receive more than just a learning experience – they gain the relevant skills to find the employment of their choice. King’s graduates are highly valued in the workplace, which is why our high employment outcomes reflect the quality of the training we deliver.

From the first day you commence at the College you will know that the first step you have taken has been one in the right direction, and one that will lead you down the pathway of the lifelong journey of knowledge and success. We know you will enjoy your journey with us, and when you finish your studies, and walk out of our doors as a graduate, you will be proud of who you are, you will walk with your head held high, you will have seized the opportunity to gain new skills, and you will be ready to do your best in your chosen field of endeavour.

David Short

Executive Director


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